What are Stable Fibers?

  • A staple is any fiber of cotton, wool or plastic polymer… etc. with a practical, limited or finite length. Staple fibers are short and hairlike, usually no more than a few inches long, and the length of the fiber varies within a fiber of the same source and also between varieties obtained from different sources. Staple fibers are measured in Dtex or Denier.
    GEONATPET manufactures 100 % virgin polypropylene staple fibers (PPSF) at our new state of the art plant at Yanbu, KSA.
    We have specially developed PPSF keeping in mind the requirements of Geo textiles sector by using high quality additives to impart higher strength as well as weathering resistance.
    Polypropylene staple fibers offer superior features due to its lowest specific gravity resulting into better relative coverage, high dimensional stability, excellent recovery properties namely elasticity & resiliency, low thermal conductivity, lowest static charge and its inertness to chemicals & micro-organisms.